Our services

We have developed expertise in providing large scale infrastructure and security services

Infrastructure Security

Provide Infrastructure security services that includes common controls covering least privileged access controls, integrated monitoring and alerting services that covers critical information technology infrastructure, such as network communications, identity and access management, configure and deploy servers, end user devices, applications and databases.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Provide information security services Cloud computing environment that helps streamline processes to enable rapid deployment of computing resources that can meet different business requirements in a timely manner. Our information security services offers solutions all three categories for cloud services that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Our services offering includes defining and assist with implementing processes and procedures with well-defined management responsibilities aligned with the type of services deployed and operated.

In addition, our security services will help the cloud deployments that can be a combination of public or private cloud implementations. We offer cloud infrastructure security services by integrating the security tools, optimizing the operational procedures and processes with real-time monitoring and incident management functions.

Endpoint Security

Our Endpoint security services are designed to provide best in class information security protection services for the corporate network, infrastructure and IT systems through focusing on endpoint devices by monitoring their status, activities, software, authorization and authentication. In additions we will help streamline vulnerability and patch management services and setup dashboard reporting services for the management review the real-time security posture of the end-point security.

Web App Security

Our Web application security services deals architecture, security of websites, web applications and web services. Our security consultancy services are equipped with expertise in design and implementation of Web application security using the principles of application security for Web systems deployed for Internet services or for intranet use. Our security services will ensure the security standards are applied for wall the development tools and programming languages such as PHP, Java EE, Java, Python, Ruby, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET or Classic ASP.


We provide IT compliance services using the security requirements and practices. Our IT Compliance security services will help the companies prepare for successful completion of any audit. The preparedness includes verification and validation of security policies and security standards, regulation compliance, processes and procedures, consistent implementation and maturity of processes and procedures implemented and operated. This will help meeting the compliance requirements and confirms that company’s business processes are secure and protects the sensitive data (including customers’ data) from unauthorized access.


Our DevOps along with security service offering includes a set of best practices which combines software development, IT operations and information security. Our approach aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery of the solutions with high software quality.


  1. DSP-Based Embedded Appllications
  2. Biometrics & Watermarking
  3. MEMS Gauges for Structural Health Analysis of Tracked Vehicles
  4. Collision Warning and Detection
  5. Military ISR Systems
  6. GPS-Based RFID for Supply Chain Management
  7. Embedded Software Architecture (MDA)
  8. Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)